Road Trip and Flight!

Quick back story: Matt and Copper were flying to South Korea on a flight that only takes off from Seattle, Washington. I wasn’t able to fly on that plane with him (too complicated to explain), but I was going to fly on another plane out of Seattle the same day.  We had to get to the airport by a certain day and driving from Arizona was our best option due to shipping our car out of the port in LA, the dog, his extra large crate, and all of our luggage. This meant we were rocking a minivan for our rental!

We planned out our road trip and the places we wanted to stop to make it more like a vacation and sightseeing adventure. We drove separately (Matt drove the rental and I was in the Cruz) to LA to drop our car off to be shipped via boat. Originally a 5 hour car ride took about 7 hours after we hit a bunch of traffic. Side note about LA, I would never want to live there. I don’t know why anyone would want to endure that traffic everyday commuting to work. We hit more traffic around the Santa Barbara area after dropping off the car, but at least we could see and smell the ocean and riding all together. We decided to stop and check out the dog beach that was in the area. There were tons of people and lots of puppies running around, Copper loved it!


We ended up driving a couple more hours to Santa Maria where we stayed for the night. We got up early and hit the road to make our way to the Redwood National State Park. We drove through San Francisco so we could drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, this bridge had nothing on Mackinaw Bridge in my opinion!


We were about 45 minutes away from the Redwoods when we got to a blocked spot on the highway due to a land slide that had happened 5 days prior (thanks google maps for not catching it), and there was NO DETOUR! We had to turn around and go back 3 hours to make it to the next closest freeway… so we did not make it to the Redwoods. It would have taken us another 6.5 hours and we had already been in the car for around 8. We ended up driving up to the Mount Shasta area and stayed at a hotel that had the most beautiful scenery.


Up bright and early the next day, we made the drive to Seattle and settled into our hotel where we would stay the for the next two days. We checked out the dog park nearby for Copper in order to tire him out for his big flight the next day.


So long story… we missed our original flight because Copper’s health certificate was filled out incorrectly and they wouldn’t allow him on the plane. South Korea has rules on bringing in pets and we thought we had everything done right considering we got the certificate from a vet that deals with these alot. Matt could of got on the plane without me, but he is amazing and stayed back to help me get things situated for Copper. I was a little emotionally unstable at this point and crying in the airport- he knew I couldn’t handle it alone. Copper needed a new certificate so we had to drive to a vet in Washington for a new one. Luckily, it was only 45 minutes away and they could get us in to print us a new certificate. (Yay more driving)


We stayed an extra night in Seattle, bought a new dog crate so Copper could fit on the plane, spent a few hundred dollars and now we were all traveling together on the same flight. We dropped Copper off at security and hung out in the Delta Sky Lounge while we waited for our first connecting flight to San Fran, thank you Amex card! We switched from Delta to Korean Air in San Fran and got ready for our 12 hour flight into Incheon airport. Luckily, we were flying on a brand new Boeing 747-8i (I only know this because of Matt) and we had the entire row of four seats to ourselves and we could take turns laying down when we wanted to. The airline had excellent service and provided slippers to put on during the flight, two full course meals (wine included), and multiple snacks throughout the flight.


6 movies and a few naps later we touched down in South Korea. Copper rolled out by baggage claim and I have never been more relieved in my life to see that he survived 21 hours in his crate and on top of that ACCIDENT FREE!


Now that we are here, the jet lag is real and I will update once we catch our breaths and get into our apartment!









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