Settling In…

For the first couple of nights we stayed on base in the TLF (temporary lodging facility) until we found a place to live off base. The jet lag lasted about 3 days and we kept waking up at 4 AM to just stare at the ceiling because nothing is open that early. Our bodies were so confused on what time it was so taking naps was necessary to get on a proper sleep schedule again. We went apartment hunting with a realtor and chose a place near by. The other apartments we looked at had a lot of weird smells, weird designs, or didn’t come furnished and that was a necessity for us. We really wanted to find something that had a yard for Copper, and almost all of the apartments here are high rises so chances were small. However, the place we found has a little yard on the first floor and the only sacrifice so far is we have no cell service inside, but we are working on getting that fixed.


We are waiting for our car to get here so in the meantime Matt got a scooter, he loves it lol! Most of the guys in his squadron have scooters or motorcycles and have associated scooter gang squadron “cuts”. We call it his “scoot” and I can’t help but smile every time I see him on it. He is super anxious to get me on the back, but we have to get a helmet first. I will absolutely get a picture of that if, (I mean once) it happens.


Our apartment has never been lived in which is a plus, but I literally can’t reach anything! Good thing I packed my handy dandy step stool. Matt jokes and talks about putting the cookies on the top shelf, but really he should because I have a wedding dress to fit into! Our bathroom upstairs doesn’t have a shower curtain, so it just makes a mess everywhere. I guess shower curtains are not a thing here in Korea. All of the light switches are on the outside of the rooms, which if you know us, means a lot of pranks and turning off the lights on each other. There also isn’t door handles on the outside of the sliding door, which is odd, but hey, its Korea aka the land of not quite right!

This is me looking in the mirror in the bathroom:

We received a guide on how to use the Korean appliances, which was super challenging at first. We also have a lot of transformers around the house so we can use our American appliances. They look ugly, but they do the job. We bought a bunch of stuff to make our apartment feel more like a home, and I think we are adjusting well. I cannot wait until our mattress topper gets here because this Korean bed is like laying on the floor! Hyundai made this mattress, weird right? We shipped two boxes of stuff here before we left AZ, but one only box has arrived. Pretty sure that might be my fault because I shipped some nail polish in the box! It is on the restricted list for international shipping but I didn’t think they would notice… Matt makes sure to remind me I did this. I HAD to put that nail polish in there, but come on… I didn’t want to buy some when I have perfectly good bottles! I also put a box cutter in there, and I don’t think that is on the list either. *insert emoji girl with her hand up*

There has been lots of time to socialize with the squadron here and we felt very welcomed. We had dinner made for us one night which was amazing! We also attended a bar crawl on Saturday night and that was my first time out in the SED (Songtan Entertainment District). The SED is a bunch of restaurants, bars, shops, and some days there are markets on the sidewalks. It is pretty awesome to just walk around and take everything in. I will actually take some pictures next time we go there.

Saturday morning I got this lovely emergency alert…


which translated into “From 2:00 today, Gyeonggi issued a fine dust warning, prohibited outdoor activities for the elderly & children, wear mask outside.” The air quality has been super bad since we have arrived here. Out throats were bothering us a little bit that weekend, but not much we can do about it. Welcome to Korea!!

This weekend we are heading to Seoul, so I will be sure to update soon and take lots of pictures! xo-MJ

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