We made our first bus trip out to Seoul to spend the day exploring. We took a taxi from the apartment to the bus station and bought our bus tickets. It took about 45 minutes to get to Seoul and then we took the subway system to make it to our first destination. This is where I quickly learned that personal space does not exist. There are so many people (12 million) in Seoul and you are shoulder to shoulder on the subway and just walking to get in there was hectic. Luckily we were with people who already knew how to navigate around otherwise Matt and I would of taken awhile to figure it out.
We also checked out the store EMart which is like a WalMart but way bigger. Emart had multiple floors and each floor had specific items on it, a home goods floor, groceries, clothing, etc. When we pulled into the parking garage our minds were blown… the parking garage has lights over each parking spot that is either green or red to let you glance down the aisles instead of driving up and down them for a spot.
When we got out of the parking garage, our minds were blown again! The escalators are ramps instead of stairs and the shopping cart wheels lock in to the ramp so you can safely ride up the escalator. Now they may have this somewhere in the states but I have never  seen it so I was amazed!
We walked around the store just browsing for things we need in the apartment. We took a lap around the groceries just to see what was there….crazy amounts of seafood that had a lot of nasty odors. There was people offering samples of things all over; I did not sample a thing despite Matt’s efforts. I just wasn’t in the mood to try new things that day and the smells were just really overwhelming for me (anyone who knows me knows my sense of smell is over the top). As we were going by the check out I saw the shirt below, I just had to snap a pic because it is a child’s shirt that says “Raising Hell.”
Copper and I went on a nice little hike with our puppy friend Smokey and his Mom who are now sadly back in the states. The beginning of the hike is a straight incline up for a while, there are steps to use, or some carpeted area (burlap looking carpet?) to walk on to make it easier. Once we got a little more into the hike it got to a point where you could look around you might forget you are in Korea…
Once you notice all of the workout machines, signs in Korean, and the people running and screaming in the other direction from your dog, you remember real quick where you are! I have noticed in almost all the parks we have been to there are workout stations, even some with weights on them. The park we found by the apartment has nice benches to sit on, patio areas to relax in, and then work out machines all around the edges of the park. I did use one of the leg press machines and Matt just walked away from me like I was the weird one! At night when you walk by this park there are tons of people using the machines and walking around. The air quality usually gets better after 6 PM so it makes sense so many people wait until later in the evening to workout.

We found a couple hidden gem restaurants and shops on a walk through the SED one night. We stopped at a dessert and coffee shop and got Tiramisu (Matt’s favorite) and it was delicious! We are looking forward to exploring and finding more places. For the holiday weekend we are going to try and explore some more and just enjoy having 4 days to spend together.

I will update after our weekend!

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