Seoul and Beach Trip 

Our car finally made it across the ocean last week! We hopped on a bus and headed to the the middle of Seoul to get it. The bus ride was quick and easy, it is definitely the way to travel to the city in order to avoid the traffic. We sat in the front row of the bus just to get the best view and check out the scenery, but quickly decided to never do that again as the bus driver crop dusted us most of the ride (seriously).
Once we got to the bus stop we walked about 15 minutes to the pick up location for our car. Along the way we passed through a war memorial by Yongsan Army base that looked really interesting. We are planning on going back to check it out another day since we were in hurry to get our car before they closed for lunch. Here are a few of the pictures I snapped as we walked by.img_6520img_6518img_6514img_6516
Picking up the car was surprisingly easy compared to how it was when we dropped it off in LA, and luckily the drive back only took about an hour. My only problem with the expressway here is if you miss your exit, there isn’t another one near by to just turn around like in the States. It will end up taking you well out of your way in order to get back to where you intended to be. Now that we have a car, aside from me not feeling stranded at the apartment, we can put Copper in the car and explore some more with him on the weekends!

Our first plan was to hit Daecheon beach which is only about an hour and a half car ride. The tide was really far down when we got there but it slowly rose back up by the time we left. The beaches are different because you don’t see many people in bathing suits. Instead most Koreans are covered up and sitting under umbrellas; not sunbathing like Americans do. Copper wasn’t thrilled with the water as expected but he did have fun seeing the dogs and bird watching around us. Most people around here are scared of Copper since he is a medium sized dog, there was lots of staring when we first walked up… so Copper put on a show by pooping immediately once we hit the sand (lol). We stayed for a few hours and enjoyed the sunshine and surroundings.

After the beach we stopped at a food place called Mom’s Touch. Their sign advertised “chicken and burger” but they actually sold only chicken sandwiches that were labeled burgers(?). I was not a fan of my chicken sandwich because they use dark meat a lot here and I am just not into that, but the cajun fries were almost like american french fries.

We have a couple more beaches we want to check out and now that we are able to pack up the Cop and go, we will be hitting them over the next few weekends! Stay tuned!

Xo- MJ

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