National Folk Museum of Korea

We made another trip to Seoul and stumbled upon the National Folk Museum of Korea. I don’t think we originally planned to go here, but we saw it and figured why not go in and check it out. The museum represents daily life and culture of Korea, their website says more than 2 million people visit every year. The museum provides educational and cultural opportunities to better understand and experience the traditional Korean lifestyle. We didn’t go through any of the tours but we just walked through it at our leisure.

I am really not sure what the statue below is supposed to be… but pretty accurate example of how weird it is here (lol).

Inside the museum portion that was free admission:

We paid $3 each to go inside another portion of the museum that went to the Gyeongbokgung Palace. We couldn’t go in but I took a few pictures of the inside to try and pick up the designs and vibrant colors.

After the museum we headed over to Itaewon for some tacos! We heard this placed called Vatos had great food (and we love our tacos) so we made sure to stop there on our way home. It was probably the best food I’ve had since we’ve moved here. I also had a delicious coronarita that was the size of my head. I cannot wait to go back.

Sorry for the short post, stay tuned for more!


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