Rainy 4th of July 

We had a four day weekend for the 4th of July… unfortunately it is officially monsoon season and it wasn’t the greatest weather for any trips. We decided to take the bus and head to Itaewon in Seoul to eat some tacos and explore the area and see the war museum. Well… what we didn’t know was that most of the shops/restaurants in Itaewon are closed on Mondays, so we just walked around and noted places to check out when we come back in the future.

Here are some pictures of the area.


Luckily, Vatos Tacos was open and we got our taco fix! We tried two flights of beers, the easy peazy and hoppy happy flight. The eazy peazy had a watermelon wheat beer… I love watermelon flavored things, but this beer was not one of them. I could see sipping on that beer if I was lounging by a pool on a super hot day, but on a rainy day inside a bar– not enjoyable.


We walked off our tacos through Itaewon and then around the outside of the war museum because they are also closed on Mondays! We clearly didn’t do our research. Here’s some more pictures of the outside of the museum.

When we got home from Itaewon our apartment had a puddle of water by the front door and was leaking down into the basement level. Long story short, we ended up having to move apartments the next day which was super fun considering we just moved into this apartment two months ago. Yay, we loving moving…*sigh* I can only imagine how ridiculous we looked moving our belongings between buildings going back and forth with a wagon about 50 times. After being in the new apartment a couple weeks now, we are actually way happier in this apartment. There is more sunshine, less humidity, less mosquitoes, and it is all one level with a nice patio balcony.  Things definitely happen for a reason and I will consider the roof leak a blessing in disguise.  I’ll do an update on the apartment once we officially are settled. We still have things to hang up on the walls to make it more homey and I can’t do it myself. I have no concept of things being level and Matt is just so much better at it! 🙂  Sorry for taking so long to update on what we have been doing!

xO- MJ

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