Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend we got to experience the beautiful parts of South Korea. This trip really opened my eyes on how beautiful it can actually be here. Where we live is an industrial area that is smelly and congested and I kind of had the impression the whole country was like this. We packed up the car and headed about 3.6 hours northeast to the other side of the country.

We made a wrong turn on our way and unfortunately on the expressway here, there isn’t always a quick fix to turn around. We had to wait until the next exit, and luckily we stumbled upon a beach and decided to walk around and check it out. We popped in a local bakery and bought some random items and tried them all while we walked down the pier. We got back in the car and thankfully we were only a couple miles away from where we were staying for the weekend.


The cabin we were staying at was beautiful! There were rock stairs to climb down behind the cabin that led to a creek and waterfall. We had 5 couples staying in our cabin on the second floor with 4 rooms, a kitchenette, and 2 bathrooms. I didn’t take any pictures of the inside of the cabin, but it was your typical cabin set up with some Korean features like a Korean BBQ table, no shower curtain, light switch outside the bathroom, and a super hard mattress.


On our first night at the cabin we just hung out and grilled our own food and had some drinks. The next morning we headed to Serokasan National Park to go hiking. It was about 30 minutes away from the cabin.

I thought the hike up to the rocks was really hard, so we didn’t make it up to the very top to see what it looked like but got close enough. We found some dippin dots when we got back to the bottom that were significantly cheaper than they are at Cedar Point or a baseball stadium!


After hiking we headed straight to Haejodae Beach to meet up with the rest of the group. It was the perfect weather for the beach, Matt went in the water but I only dipped my toes in. It was way too cold for me.


After the beach we went to a Korean BBQ place for dinner. You take your shoes off at the door and sit on the floor to eat your meal. We ordered duck and pork and everyone kind of shares the food at the table.

The next morning we packed up and headed home a day early to just relax and hang at home with the Cop. On our way home we decided to make a pit stop at some hot springs that a few other people we knew were going too. OMG… it was an indoor “hot springs” inside a hotel with separate rooms for the men and women. In Korea, bathing suits are viewed as being dirty so you have to take them off and must shower before entering the water. It was a completely naked hot spring with naked women of all shapes and sizes everywhere. Matt did not participate with the men and waited for me in the lobby. I ended up going in and trying it, but I only stayed about 3.6 minutes and then I left because I don’t even like hot tubs, and this is basically all it was with two saunas. I have no words to explain the environment.

Back on the road, we stopped at a rest stop and bought some Korean snacks from the vendors there… everything had bean paste in it. I didn’t like a single thing we tried lol. Monday we went grocery shopping, rearranged the furniture and cleaned the house together.

It was a solid holiday weekend with good people and some new experiences! 

Xo- MJ 

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