Over Thanksgiving we took a trip to Bali. I never thought I would take a vacation to Indonesia and after doing so, I really hope we can go back one day! It was a 7 hour flight from Seoul. We went with a group of people and had a blast staying in two different areas using AirBnB. First we stayed in Ubud and then Uluwatu. Bali is amazing because it is super cheap to stay, eat, drink, pay for a driver, and rent scooters/surf boards/body boards.


Our first couple days were spent in Ubud. While we knew it was rainy season when we booked our trip, it only rained for a few hours in the day and went back to being nice. We explored the rice terraces, monkey forest, hiked Mount Batur, and checked out a coffee plantation (we tried Luwak coffee there but I don’t have a picture of it. Google it to see what it is lol)

Our first AirBnB made us breakfast every morning and we picked from a menu. They probably thought we were all a little strange ordering the “american breakfast” every morning, but as I mentioned before in previous blogs, breakfast was not a thing in South Korea!


View from the sidewalk above the rice terrace:


I was dead set on making sure we made it to the monkey forest… omg I’d never go here again! I freaked out once I saw how aggressive the monkeys were and went and sat in the car with our driver while the rest of the group stayed. I know there is another monkey forest in Ubud that has less aggressive monkeys, but we went to the crazy one apparently! The picture below is from the window of the car after I cried and had to leave haha.

Hiking Mount Batur was by far my favorite part of the vacation. It was such a challenging hike but the reward watching the sun come up made it worth every second. We got picked up at 2 AM for the hike and walked up the majority of the way with flashlights and walking sticks. We were served coffee and breakfast at the top while watching the sunrise before hiking back down.

Fun fact about the mountain in the background of the picture below… that is actually Mount Agung and it was put on alert for eruption in September of 2017. After following the news stories, we still took our trip to Bali when activity from the volcano calmed down. We ended up hiking Mount Batur on November 18th and Mount Agung had a phreactic eruption on November 21st! (Steam eruption that created an ash cloud up to 12,000+ ft above sea level). When we were at our second AirBnB in Uluwatu we could see the smoke/ash coming from the mountain in the distance. The volcano ended up erupting on November 27th just two days after we left! *eruption information from wikipedia*


After spending a few days in Ubud, we went to Uluwatu to another AirBnB for the remainder of our trip. This place was basically all outdoors except for our bedrooms. It came with a driver, breakfast every morning, and they would do your laundry if you needed it lol. View from our patio of the pool and views below:
You might not want to see food pictures… but we pretty much took pictures of the food everywhere we went. We enjoyed every place we got food except for one (got a little sick from it). Below is Ahi Tuna tacos, Poke bowl, omelettes, quesadillas, avocado toast, chicken skewers, mahi mahi nachos and tacos.  SO cheap and so good! For two people eating at a restaurant we would spend about $27.00… for an appetizer, two meals, and two drinks!!


We checked out most of the beaches in the area. Some were dirty, some were rocky, but the boys wanted to surf and catch the best waves so we moved around to find them. We ended up finding one with soft sand and decent waves. The best part about Bali and the beach… drinking a Bintang! Really good beer, I wish we could buy it here.
We checked out the Uluwatu temple which had a traditional ceremony going on along with some beautiful views! See below:



One of the nights we separated from the group to check out this restaurant that was recommended to us. It is called Cuca in Jimbaran, and the chef is from Canada! This was probably the greatest dining experience I’ve ever had! I will link their website if you want to check it out, and if you ever go to Bali– this is a MUST!
We ordered the Chef’s tasting meal… 9 courses, 2 drinks for only $110! I am missing a few of the items but see below for what we got to eat! We loved it!


I hope one day we can make it back to Bali. The travel from the states doesn’t sound as appealing, but I know it would be worth it. Thanksgiving is usually my favorite holiday but spending 2017 Thanksgiving in Bali will make future Thanksgivings seem boring 😉

Oh here is Matt and the boys loving their scoots:

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